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Icetoolz Folding Multi-Tool

Icetoolz Folding Multi-Tool

Product Information

Folding multi-tool

To be stuck out in the hills (or anywhere else for that matter) with no one around or anything to fix your trusty steed is frustrating. So what would one do to prevent this from occuring? Well this handy little tool could be the answer. Coming with allen/hex key sizes ranging from a tiny 2mm, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8. Perfect for pretty much everything! There are flat and phillips head drivers and a "T-25 torx key". "A what the??" I hear you say. This little guy is made to fit the bolt heads found on many disc brake rotors and can be handy in case these bolts rattle loose.

At just 128gms and only 10cm long it will easily fit into any underseat tool bag, jersey pocket or shy short pockets. So don't get stuck out there call in today to pick one up and stash it away for that rainy day which will inevitably come.

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