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GT Gtr 1w Ladies Road Bike

GT Gtr 1w Ladies Road Bike

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GT Gtr 1w Ladies Road Bike 

Many women simply can’t find a suitable position on a regular road bike, while others prefer a bike that has been designed with them in mind.  
The GTR Series 1W, is a really nice ladies specific bike, equipped with Shimano Ultegra gear system, FSA lightweight hollow cranks and good running gear. It is one of just a few female specific bikes available in this price range. 
Even though the Shimano Ultegra 6700 ensemble is what will attract most buyers to the GTR 1, the real heart of it is this superb hydroformed alloy frame. Hydroforming allows the designers and engineers to use shapes which enhance the ride quality and rigidity while at the same time reducing tubing wall thickness, with the result being a lighter weight, better performing bike. This particular build gives the rider a slightly more relaxed, more comfortable riding position, catering nicely to those riders for whom the speed of the journey is slightly less important than how they feel during and after the trip. Aiding in rider comfort is the are the carbon fibre front forks, which remove much of the road vibration often experienced on other bikes at a similar price. 
Sensibly equipped with a compact crankset (50-34) and a 10 speed rear cassette (12-28), the GTR 1 gearing will be of great benefit to those who ride a little less regularly than they would like, or who ride in the hills regularly, or who swould simply prefer to turn the pedals around a little easier. In fact the gearing will suit just about everyone, except the full on racer who needs the higher ratios needed in a race scenario.  
The light action Shimano Ultegra shifters are very easy to operate and provide a crisp gear change every time inspiring confidence in even a relatively novice rider. 
Complimented with a host of other quality components such as Schwable tyres fitted to rims that have a CNC machined side wall, laced with stainless steel spokes to Formula Sealed Bearing hubs. A sealed bearing Bottom Bracket and sealed bearing headset for minimal maintenance, and with other proprietry components from GT’s own factory, the GTR 1 is a cut above all the opposition in this price range. 
A nice overall package which will handle predictably, provide a comfortable ride and yet still scoot along pretty quickly when required.



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