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Continental GP4000 700c tyre

Continental GP4000 700c tyre

Product Information

Continental Grand Prix 4000 700c Road Bike Tyre

The Grand Prix 4000 is a fast, road hugging tyre suitable for almost any application. It has exceptional road holding in the wet, is extremely resistant to those dreaded punctures, and wears quite well.

The Grand Prix 4000 works well on practically every road surface, coping with the demands of different styles of riding and yet still supplies extremely long-term performance. It also achieves top marks in regard to materials and production quality. 

The all new Vectran breaker belt, developed and patented by Continental, surpasses even the famous puncture resistance of the former leader in this category, the GP3000. The extremely strong Vectran fabrics are more flexible and lighter than all other puncture protection materials. Vectran offers more resistance to cuts than Aramid, is five times as strong as steel and features less weight than a nylon double breaker. It also maintains strength in the wet.

A great all round tyre, with performance and longevity features that "go the extra mile".


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